My Goals, Dreams, & Commitments

Chrissy's Goals:
  * lose a total of 10 pounds by March 1, 2012 
    UPDATE:  I lost 10 pounds between December 28 and February 1!

  * lose a total of 25 pounds by June 1, 2012   
    UPDATE:  I lost 21 pounds between December 28 and March 7!

  * lose 50 pounds by December 1, 1012   
    UPDATE:  Goal altered since my summer was filled with lessons, learning, and listening for God's voice!

  * lose a total of 25 pounds by December 1, 2012

  * lose 50 pounds by June 1, 2013

  * Stop focusing on the number and dates. 
    Instead, make lasting changes, form good habits, and decrease my BMI!

  * Focus more on weight/strength training and less on cardio

  * Keep a daily food & exercise journal

  * Achieve 3 of my dreams listed above!

Chrissy's Health Dreams:
  * reach my ideal body weight range of 130 to 140 pounds
  * maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life
  * remain physically active for the rest of my life
  * view food as fuel with no desire to overeat
    UPDATE: Began viewing food as fuel, eating less & only when I'm truly hungry on August 26, 2013
  * inspire others to change their outlook on food, gaining a healthy lifestyle in the process
  * motivate others to look past their present situation and dream big!
  * become a licensed Zumba instructor... maybe even Hip Hop Hustle!
    UPDATE: I'm an official Zumba instructor as of March 22, 2013!  Check it out!
  * improve my daily nutrition habits

Chrissy's Commitments:
  * drink plenty of water every day
  * post a blog every day

    UPDATE:  Every day is difficult with all my commitments to fitness, classes, etc.
  * work out three to four times per week
  * read my list of advantages of losing weight before I eat anything


  1. The future starts today, not tomorrow. You go girl!! :) XXOO Jan

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