Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bustin' Moves

It probably seems as though I've been totally flaking out lately.  For the lack of updating, I'm very sorry!  Since returning to work, I've been busy getting back into the daily grind and hustlin' on one of my long-time dreams.  It's actually pretty exciting and I'm so thrilled for what's in store!  

There comes a time in your life where you have to put it into high gear and bust moves to make things happen.  For me, that time presented itself a few weeks ago and there was no denying or resisting it!  It was clear that my focus needed to shift for a bit and I need to put in a great deal of effort towards my future and where I want it to go.

Sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, whining and crying about our situation, won't do us ANY good! It only keeps us stuck in "Victimville"... and that's not a good place to reside.  It's time to pack up and MOVE!  

If we want different results, we must do something different.  

Having goals and dreams is fabulous and VERY needed if we want to achieve great things. But it's not enough to have goals and dreams... we must work on them.  We have to put in the effort to see them through and not allow Satan to keep us stuck where we are; unhappy, miserable, unfruitful, and unproductive.  

Stepping out of our uncomfortable "comfort" zone can be scary... heck, downright terrifying!  To make things happen, it's necessary.  And it's always worth it.  Even when you give it a shot and it doesn't go as planned, there are things to learn from and growth happens. As humans, we'll make mistakes... it's proof that we're out there trying new things!  The bottom line: we just can't give up.

For a while longer, I'll focus most of my extra time on bringing this dream to life.  I'll continue engaging on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so please know I haven't abandoned you!  I hope to be able to share more specifics about this dream soon.  Until then, here's to getting up, dusting it off, and trying new things!

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  1. I absolutely love the picture you've included. It's so true. If we always keep putting it off, we miss our chance. I wish I were more active, it's hard with a job but your blog makes me want to try harder. No excuses!

    Will Jenkins | http://www.rebalanceweightloss.net