Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 105
Start date: 12/28/2011
Initial weight: 220
Current weight: Taking a break from the scale, I've lost at least 20 pounds lost since starting Plexus on 8/26/13
Total weight loss: 24 pounds

Last week's dream focusRely on God for strength during this adversity; forgive myself when mistakes are made; be easy on myself when things aren't happening the way I’d like them to; fight Satan’s attacks and ignore his lies; and trust God in ALL things!

What went well: It's been fabulous to be back on Plexus!  I'm free from cravings, I'm eating smaller portions again, and I'm not thinking about food all the time.  I'm satisfied and not tempted to eat to fulfill an emotional need.  I almost forgot how great this stuff really is!  (Thanks, God, for the perspective!)

When I visited my gynecologist on Thursday, December 5, we began talking about next steps in helping my pain and multiple female struggles.  Before we would consider a more final approach, we agreed a couple of additional procedures should take place first.  My doctor wanted me to see a urologist to ensure I didn't have IC (interstitial cystitis), as some of the symptoms can feel similar to female pain.  She also felt it was necessary to have a colonoscopy to confirm there were no gastrointestinal problems that can also mimic female pain.  I've completed both and no issues were found!  The best news is I shouldn't need another colonoscopy again until I'm 50 (15 years away - YAY)!  HOLLA!!  

P.S.  It really wasn't as bad as we all fear.  The "worst part" is the prep and fasting... it's a total blast, let me tell ya!!  (Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!)   :)

Challenges:  Clearly, the day of prep was a challenge in itself, but I thank God that everything went well!  Although the internal view of the colon looked fine, there's still a possibility of endometrial implants or adhesions on the outside.  The only way to confirm is to have another laparoscopy, which will certainly happen soon.  The unknown is how drastic the outcome will be.  

My follow-up appointment is tomorrow morning and we'll begin making plans.  If you're a praying person, I'd be very grateful if you lifted me up for strength and clarity as I prepare to make incredibly difficult decisions.

This week's dream focus: Manage this pain; hold on to hope and trust God's plan for me; rely on Him for strength; take it easy on myself when things aren't happening the way I’d like them to; and fight Satan’s attacks and ignore his lies!

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