Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 104
Start date: 12/28/2011
Initial weight: 220
Current weight: Taking a break from the scale, lost at least 20 pounds lost since starting Plexus on 8/26/13
Total weight loss: 24 pounds

Last week's dream focusRely on God for strength during this adversity; forgive myself when mistakes are made; be easy on myself when things aren't happening the way I’d like them to; fight Satan’s attacks and ignore his lies; and trust God in ALL things!

What went well: It's been three weeks since my last Wednesday Wow Factor (weeks 102 and 103 fell on Christmas and New Years Day) and I'm STILL HERE!  I haven't given up, although some days it's crossed my mind.  The holidays were a little difficult and it seems like Satan was working extra hard to bring me down.  I struggled emotionally, I struggled physically, and I struggled to keep holding on to my dreams.  That's life.  We struggle.  The fact that I didn't say "the heck with it" tells me I'm on the path to great things!

At one point, I thought I was going to have to tell my husband I just wouldn't be able to handle going on the trip we'd been planning for an entire year.  My endometriosis and adhesion pain was getting so bad I felt like I just couldn't take it some days.  But finding those Lidoderm patches from earlier in the year changed all that.  It helped me handle life a little easier and we enjoyed a week of fun, a little rest, and some much needed rejuvenation!

Challenges:  After experiencing what Plexus had done in my life, I began losing focus in all the pain, the tears, and the lack of activity.  I started feeling like it wasn't working as well as it used to and even entertained Satan's lies that maybe I should stop trying to lose weight altogether.  But God quickly reminded me that I've been in a similar place before when the pain would get bad... and this, too, would pass.  

He also brought to mind a conversation I had a few months ago.  A fellow ambassador shared with me that she stopped taking her Plexus products for a few weeks to "reset" her system and help her move beyond her plateau.  It did amazing things for her and she told me to at least consider it as a future possibility.  We all know the holidays are the least ideal time to do something like that, not to mention an out-of-town trip a week later.  But, I felt a strong urging to give Plexus Slim and Accelerator a rest for just over two weeks.  

I cannot BELIEVE I’d forgotten what my life was like before taking it.  It wasn’t long before I started craving anything and everything again.  I found myself at the pantry and fridge just “dying” for something to eat, knowing I wasn’t truly hungry at all.  I was eating everything on my plate AND getting seconds.  I was stuffing myself until I felt sick and gross.  I began consuming sugary drinks I hadn’t desired in years, like juices and sweet tea.  I was thinking about food almost every waking hour.  I was wasting money on crap foods I didn’t need at every convenience store stop.  I was ordering “old Chrissy” portions at McDonald’s and other eateries.   Instead of turning to God during the days I struggled with pain and heartache, I found myself turning to “comfort” foods that left me feeling even worse about myself and my situation. Some days it felt like I would NEVER break free from the chains of my addiction to food!  

This Monday, I began taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator again.  I watched as those same chains that bound me the day before began to quickly fade away.  The feelings of addiction to food aren’t nearly as strong as they were and I’ve felt drawn back into my relationship with God.  The pain and heartache I struggle with is easily comforted by Him and His Word.  I’m so excited to feel that weight and burden lifted from me!  I have no desire to eat until I’m truly hungry.  I’ve been eating a half to a third of what I’d been consuming and I’m leaving food on my plate!  I haven’t been tempted to buy food I don’t need AND I’m not craving sweets!

Please know I do NOT consider ANY product to be a replacement for God or what He can do.  I believe He placed Plexus in my life to help improve my health, my finances, and make it easier for me to work on my daily habits and strengthen my relationship with Him.  I also believe Plexus is helping me bring several dreams to life!  The bottom line is it all takes time, effort, and TONS of patience – with or without the help of a product.

I’m so thankful God gave me this perspective!  I feel like my hope is strengthened and my spirit is renewed!  Clearly, the pain is preventing me from being as active as I’d like or need to be, so this will impact the speed of my weight loss.  However, it’s not a reason to give up or feel like a failure.  I will keep fighting for my dreams, getting closer to the incredible plans God has in store for me!

This week's dream focus: Rely on God for strength during this adversity; forgive myself when mistakes are made; be easy on myself when things aren't happening the way I’d like them to; fight Satan’s attacks and ignore his lies; and trust God in ALL things!

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