Monday, December 16, 2013

Weather The Storm

"I'm still moving forward.  I haven't quit.  This isn't over.  This dream is important and I won't give up on it.  God has reasons for His timing that I'll one day know, but right now I have to trust that this is for my good.  I cannot believe Satan's lies.  He wants me to give up and fail.  He wants me to stay unhappy and miserable.  He wants me to settle... BUT I REFUSE TO SETTLE."

Welcome to my internal dialogue for the past month.  My faith in God and these words are the reasons I haven't given up on my dreams, my blogs, or my weight loss journey.  I'm finding myself saying these words multiple times a day because I'm constantly feeling overwhelmed.

I feel weak.

I don't feel like my normal self and I don't really feel like a rock star right now.  But I AM a rock star and I know who's behind this insecurity and inferiority.  I do not have to fall into Satan's trap of believing the lies he whispers.  If you read this blog frequently I could see how you might be thinking "Can you find some new material already?  You're constantly talking about Satan and shutting down his lies!"

Unfortunately, he never stops attacking, so I won't stop recognizing when he does... and I won't stop working to shut him down!  Sometimes the best I can do is to pray and keep moving forward, even when the only thing I can handle becomes my victory - simply not quitting.

"God, please help me to find even an ounce of confidence in myself and what you have in store for me.  Help me to believe in Your plan, even though I can't see the big picture.  I feel so weak.  I feel so tired.  I don't understand why things aren't going the way I'd pictured.  I feel angry.  I feel frustrated.  I feel impatient.  I feel unsure of myself.  I feel sad and broken.  I know You are my Healer and the Restorer of my soul!  I believe Your plans are so much bigger and better than my dreams and I need Your help to keep going.  I know You'll never fail me, even when Satan twists the truth to make it appear as if You have or will.  I thank You for who you are, Father, and for all you've done and will continue to do in my life!  I love you, God!  It's in Your name I pray, Amen."

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