Monday, December 2, 2013

Let's Armor Up!

I have so much on my mind and heart today.  I feeling really sad about the number of blog posts I've missed out on writing in the past few weeks.  I know we endure various seasons in our lives and they will pass.  They teach us important lessons and make us better (if we're open to learning).  

My reality is I faced a busy time at work in those past few weeks and my focus needed to shift for a "season".  I noticed that small shift in priorities and focus caused a shift in me.  I didn't like how it felt or what I saw.  All those small, seemingly insignificant things I'd been doing every day that were moving me closer to my dreams were beginning to fall away.  My focus was on my work tasks and it usually took more than 8 hours to complete them.  By the time I was done with those, I felt mentally and physically exhausted.  I even had to push myself to go to Zumba.

After several days of this, I was starting to doubt myself, doubt my dreams, doubt my future, and doubt what God would do in my life.  I wasn't fighting Satan's lies and attacks with the same vigor as before.  I was actually entertaining his words, absorbing them and letting them impact my thoughts, my feelings, my outlook, and my actions.  Each day they seemed to get a little worse.

We CAN'T let our guards down!  Some battles will be harder to fight than others, but we have to constantly be alert and ready to defend what we know and love.  Every choice we make matters, be it a choice to do something that will get us one small step closer to our dreams, a step to keep us where we are, or a step that gets us further away from those dreams.  

EVERY choice matters.  


We may not see it immediately, but each choice adds up over time.  I noticed a difference after one week, and during the second week it became even more evident!  

I look at this season as an alert, a warning, a lesson.  I MUST keep my guard up against Satan's attacks, keep my faith and trust strong in God, and continue making choices that will bring me closer to my dreams.  I MUST hold on to hope in my dreams no matter what is thrown my way!  

So, come on... let's armor up!!!!

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