Tuesday, December 24, 2013

God Has This Covered

Although the Christmas season is filled with wonder and joy and happiness for most, some find themselves struggling to share in those feelings.  Some are faced with struggles and adversity and hardships.  Some feel alone and abandoned and unwanted.  Even though you might feel alone and as though no one understands... you are not alone.  God is ALWAYS there with you and He always understands, better than anyone ever could. 

Today, I pray you feel God's peace in your life.  I pray you feel His loving arms wrapped around you so sweetly.  I pray the holes in your heart from things you're missing out on, from losses, from what might have been are filled with God's love and mercy!  I pray God will help your eyes to see how much good is still in your life and how great your future can be if you just keep going and believe.  

Don't give up.  I know it's so hard, believe me.  I've been through things I never expected or wanted to go through.  Life has ups and downs, some more drastic than others, but God can do amazing things... just believe in Him!  Believe and trust that He'll get you through this.  Believe and trust that there's more to this life.  Believe and trust that He'll lead you to your dreams.  Please don't give up... keep trying and keep trusting!  

GOD HAS THIS COVERED!!!  You can and will get through this!!!

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