Monday, November 11, 2013

Following My Leader!

I've learned the hard way that when God speaks, it's in my best interest to listen and follow His lead!  To date, it's never worked out well when I've chosen to ignore Him and head down my own path.  

Today, I'm listening and I will follow His lead!

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and making a change.  It's a change that will help light the path to my dreams!  

Having a Facebook page entitled "Overweight... AND OVER IT!" can be a great thing, but can sometimes hinder.  I created this page as another way to connect with like-minded people; people who struggle, people who make mistakes, people who dream, people who want more out of life, and people who want to overcome, just like me!  I created it to encourage, inspire, motivate, and reach those who need it.  God has used this page in a mighty way and I'm so thrilled when I think about the things He's done! 

For a while now, I've been troubled in my spirit about the amount of people I'm unable to connect with because of the name of my page.  Some people don't struggle with weight so they aren't drawn to "like" the page.  Some may not want a page called "Overweight... AND OVER IT!" to show up on their personal page.  When I invite friends to "like" my page, I risk offending them or hurting their feelings as though I'm "calling them fat", when all I really want is to motivate and inspire.  Teens and young adults may not think they would be interested in my page, but what if they were influenced in a positive way, rather than exposed to more junk of the world?  Although I do post a lot about about weight loss, healthy living, and pursuing your dreams, I have so much more to share!  

Not only do I have my "Overweight... AND OVER IT!" blog, I also have my "Overweight... AND LOSING IT with Plexus!" blog.  I considered creating another Facebook page to go with that blog, but it's so much work to maintain additional pages.  I have so many dreams I'm working on and I fear it would take time away from the pursuit of them.

God sent an amazing coach and encourager to suggest I change my Facebook page name from "Overweight... AND OVER IT!" to simply "Chrissy Kirkman", to expand my territory and impact more people.  I knew this was the confirmation I needed to hear!  

So in faith and confidence I'm following God's lead and changing my Facebook page name!  Everything will remain as it is now, but the name will change to reflect me, as a person!  I will still maintain my two blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine and any other social media sites I'm forgetting!  I'll continue doing things as I have, but constantly improving!

I invite you to join me in embracing this exciting change!  If you know someone on a journey to their dreams, trying to overcome life's challenges, or someone who's down and in need of some inspiration, please share my page with them!  I'm excited to build our community and reach more people for the good!


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    1. YAY!! Thank YOU for so much encouragement and helping me do something SO scary!!! (Talk about leaving my comfort zone.)