Tuesday, November 12, 2013

As Clear As Mud

In my head it all makes sense, it just didn't translate as well as I'd intended!  :)

It seems there was some confusion about exactly what is and isn't changing with my Facebook page/blog/etc.  A couple of people have mentioned this to me so I want to clear things up in hopes it helps everyone!

What is Changing

  • The name of my Facebook page is changing from 'Overweight... AND OVER IT!' to 'Chrissy Kirkman'.

What is Not Changing

  • Nothing will change with my 'Overweight... AND OVER IT!' blog!  I will continue writing several posts each week, including my 'Wednesday Wow Factor' segment (which will be REALLY GOOD tomorrow... stay tuned)!
  • Nothing will change with my new 'Overweight... AND LOSING IT with Plexus!' blog!  I will continue writing at least two post each week, including the 'Plexus Tuesday Transformation' segment!
  • Nothing will change with the content I post on my Facebook page.  I will continue striving to make it as relatable as possible, improving daily!  I pray it only gets better from here!
  • Nothing will change with my other social media sites!
  • NOTHING will change in the way I feel about my followers, my supporters, and those of you who've stood beside me in the last two years!  You've meant SO much to me and your feelings were my biggest concern when God placed this name change on my heart.  I pray you'll stand beside me and not give up on our journey together.  I know I sure won't!

Thanks for stickin' with me and I hope this clears things up.  Here's to a lifetime of overcoming!

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