Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pursuing Your Dreams

Never give up on your dreams.
Keep pursing them.

If your heart desires it, if you're passionate about it, make it happen.

Dreams can change.
Don't be crushed when they do... it usually works out for the better.

Determine if what you want right now will help you get closer to your dreams.
If so, ROCK IT!
If not, have a heart to heart with yourself and evaluate the what, why, where, and how.

Don't settle.  
Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams.

Do things every day that get you one step closer.
Nothing is insignificant... every decision counts.
Each choice you make leads you somewhere, towards your dreams or further from them.

Value who you are.
Value what you have to offer yourself and others.
Make others aware of your value.

Be polite and say hello!
Be the light in a dark room!
Bring a smile to a frowning face!
Make people feel better after being around you!

Love yourself.
Love your neighbor.
Love God.

Have hope.
Have faith.
Never give up.

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