Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Dream Again

When you feel as though you have no dreams, it can be really difficult to start dreaming again.  The daily grind of life seems even more exhausting when you feel like you can barely keep your head above water, let alone find time to dream.  

One day I sat down and tried to create a dream list.  Before I could even put pen to paper, I cried hard, grieving my lost dreams... the ones I used to be excited about never came true.  For a few moments I felt confused and defeated, but then I chose to accept those dreams weren't meant to be and I trusted that God must have something better for me. 

Making a Dream List
  • I prayed for God to reveal the dreams He's laid on my heart, to show me what I've neglected for so long.
  • I wrote down these categories: spiritual, family, career, health, financial, travel, lifestyle, fun.  
  • I started with the category that seemed easiest for me, trying to shut out insecurity and obstacles that Satan put in my head.  I decided to have fun with it! 
  • I reminded myself that no dream is too big or insignificant. 
  • I found myself faced with feelings of depression and sadness that all these dreams aren't my reality... again, Satan's voice whispering to try and stop me.  I had to shut that down and keep going!
  • By the time I stopped, I had so many dreams on my list it was almost overwhelming to know where to start!  
  • I picked one and I started working on it...
  • ...until I could work on a second dream...
  • ...and then I repeated!

Today is the best day to start dreaming again! 

It helped me to dive into books, Facebook pages, and websites focused on dreaming and achieving your goals!  Do an internet search on "how to dream again" and you'll find some great resources!  I love the book 'Dare, Dream, Do by Whitney Johnson! At, Jason bring Christ-centered motivation and I ALWAYS find encouragement to keep moving towards my dreams!  And, if you like apps, Mindbloom offers fun, creative ways to get your mind moving in the dreaming direction!

Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!  You really DO have dreams, they're just buried deep beneath your daily responsibilities and duties... and it takes a little time to stop and focus on them.  Then, take a little more time to work on them, even if all you can handle is 20 minutes at first!  Pursuing your dreams becomes a habit and, before you know it, they're coming true!

Believe in yourself and reach out to me if you need support... I LOVE TO HELP!


  1. awww....thanks for the shout out Chrissy... your page is awesome... Believing BIG things for you.

    1. You are SO welcome! And thank YOU for supporting, motivating, and inspiring me to never give up on these dreams!!!!