Monday, October 28, 2013


Dreams take work.
Dreams take passion.
Dreams take patience.
Dreams take commitment.
Dreams burn with a fire inside... and that fire needs fuel.

It's up to me to discover what fuels MY fire.
Some fuel makes my fire burn brighter than other fuel.
It's up to me to figure that out and actually fuel it.
It's up to me not to neglect my fire, but tend to it.
And it's up to me to make sure my fire doesn't burn out.

My fire ignites me.
My fire warms others.
My fire can ignite another's fire.
My fire can spread to the masses.
My fire can burn bright.
My fire can burn dim.
It's up to me.

I can't give up on my dreams.
I WON'T give up on my dreams!
That's exactly what Satan wants.
I refuse to allow it.

God gave these dreams to me.
He placed them in my heart.
They serve a purpose in my life and the lives of others.
How could I miss out on that?
Why would I want others to miss out on that?

Will it be difficult?  Yes, at times.
Will it take focus?  Yes, but it's my dream and I WANT it to become my reality!
Will it be work?  Yes, but if I'm passionate it won't feel like "work"!
Will it be fun?  Yes, the majority of the time it will be a blast!

Will it be worth it?   
Time will see, but I have a good feeling....

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