Friday, October 25, 2013


Decisions, decisions.

We'll always be faced with decisions, from big ones to seemingly insignificant ones.  Each decision we make shapes our future and affects so many more people than we'll ever realize.  Even our thoughts and views are the results of decisions we made.  For instance,

- We decide how we'll respond to a situation.  

- We decide how we'll talk to ourselves (internal thoughts).
- We decide if we'll let obstacles get in our way or if we'll overcome them.

Sometimes decision making presents us with a confirmation or compromise of our values.  Will we stand firm and keep pressing towards our dreams or will we compromise our values and desires and stay further away from them?

When faced with decisions, we'll be more likely to feel better about them later if we:

  • Weigh out the options in front of us
  • Ask if those choices force us to compromise personal values
  • Seek wise counsel
  • Count the cost
  • Decide based on principles
  • Act on our decisions swiftly and firmly

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