Thursday, October 17, 2013

Confidence Is Contagious!

Do you recall ever being around someone with a lot of confidence?  I do NOT mean arrogance.  I mean that "I'm secure with who I am and where I'm headed, the world is my oyster and there's no mountain too high for me to climb... so, hey everybody!  Hop on my super-awesome confidence train!" kinda confidence!

I have.  And BOY how I desired to have an ounce of that confidence!  

I've notice that being around confident people makes me want to be more confident in myself.  I may feel a little insecure at first, but eventually, I begin to gravitate towards that feeling because confidence really IS contagious!  

If someone's confidence make me feel better about myself, I certainly want to have that kind of impact on others!  God doesn't want us to feel insecure or inferior.  It's Satan's dirty little secret and it ruins lives and kills dreams.  Since God has revealed this to me, I've worked hard to recognize times I'm battling insecurity and inferiority, and I've asked for His help in overcoming them!

(Let's be honest... these chick's have SO much swagger!)

I love being real!  I love being goofy and silly!  I love that I'm human and mess up! Although sometimes I wish I could undo some of the things I've done in my life, those choices have made me who I am!  So I accept them, I've learned from them, and I'm better because of them! They're the fuel that propels me towards my dreams!  When people tell me I can't, I don't have to listen - it makes me want to prove them wrong!  Each day I'm closer to my dreams!  Each day I find myself shutting Satan down!  Each day I improve myself!  Each day I become better!  Each day I get to look back and see how far I've come!  Each day I get excited about how much closer I am to my dreams!  Each day I thank God for the blessings He pours on my life!  Each day I am blessed to touch the lives of others! 

When I look at those things, I don't see arrogance.  I don't see insecurity.  

I finally see confidence in myself!  

I see a lot of God-anointed confidence and security in Him that I've developed over the past few years... it's a work in progress but I have come so far.  I thank God for what I see and where He will lead me.  I will press on, I will move forward, and I WILL turn dreams in to reality!

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