Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 89
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 220
Current weight: 207 (8 pounds lost since 8/26/13)
Total weight loss: 13 pounds

Last week's dream focus: Continue easing back into fitness; shut that Devil down; seek God in every opportunity that lies before me; stay focused on Him during times of drama, dysfunction, and uncertainty; keep hustlin' to make these dreams come true; keep viewing food as fuel!

What went well: Okay seriously.  This eating thing just keeps getting better!  I’m still eating what I want, but more often than not I feel like making smart choices.  When I do eat something that’s not the healthiest for me, I still make a good choice and eat much, MUCH less than I would in the past. 

For example, THIS girl used to get a 2 cheeseburger meal with a large fry from McDonald’s and woof it down without batting an eye.  Oh, and let’s not forget to end it with a $1 hot fudge sundae.  I’m not even kidding.  I’ve had the “opportunity” (for lack of a MUCH better term) to eat McDonald’s five times since August 26 (two road trips and baseball tournaments).  Three times I made the AWESOME decision to not get anything because I wasn’t truly hungry.  (GO ME!)  I realized I didn’t NEED the food (or fuel, as my “tank” was still half full) and there was no reason to order something just because we happened to be there.  AND one time it was after 8:00 PM and I didn’t want to feel gross with non-digested food as I was lying in bed trying to sleep.  I also didn’t feel that emotional tug to embrace the food I once had a passionate relationship with.  Oh, and the other two times we went there… once I ate a double cheeseburger with no fries, and the other time I ate a cheeseburger with a medium fry and threw most of them away because they were unappealing!  This is a huge blessing from God!

My endometriosis pain has been minimal this week and my gall bladder area didn’t hurt at all during Zumba!  I’m thrilled with this improvement! My mood has been so great and I’ve felt more confident in the future of my dreams than ever before! I feel as though I’m making SO much headway!  (Okay, I just realized the exclamation marks are out of control... BUT I'M THRILLED!!!)

When I stepped on the scale on August 26, I weighed 215… just five pounds less than when I started.  I didn’t let that upsetting news keep me from continuing to make progress or pursue my dreams!  Three weeks, two days, and three Zumba classes later, I weigh 207!  That’s 8 pounds lost in three weeks and 13 pounds overall!  And all while eating what I want, eating much less of it, making better choices, and easing back into fitness.  I couldn’t be more excited with this achievement!!!

Challenges:  I’ve been battling Satan who keeps inflicting moments of doubt and fear this week.  When you pursue your dreams, he’s going to do whatever he can to keep you from it and make you fail.  But God is bigger than that and, through Him, I am stronger than Satan’s attacks!   I cannot put God in a box, nor can I allow Satan to keep me from my dreams and the blessings God has for my life.  I will continue to fight and shut that devil DOWN!

This week's dream focus: Continue going to Zumba and hit the gym for regular working out as well; seek God in every opportunity that lies before me; shut that Devil down at every turn; stay; keep hustlin' to make these dreams come true; keep viewing food as fuel!

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