Monday, September 23, 2013

Punching Bag

Do you ever wonder why we beat ourselves up over things we did wrong or goals we set for ourselves that we didn't achieve?  I sometimes find it easier to forgive others for mistakes than to forgive myself.  I used to frequently replay the image of the let down and remember what I felt the moment I realized I messed up.  I would beat myself up over and over again like a punching bag until I felt worthless.  

I would never be okay with another person treating me this way, so why would I be so mean to my own precious soul?

Are we perfectionists?  
Are we constantly comparing ourselves with others?
Are we trying to live up to standards set by others?  
Are we still trying to seek our parents' approval?  
Are we hearing voices from the past telling us we're not good enough?

Each person has their reasons.  Some are listed above.  There may be a thousand other reasons they punish themselves over mistakes made.  The truth is beating ourselves up never benefits us.  It's completely negative and nothing good comes of it. 

Instead of abusing ourselves, what if we...
 -accept that it happened
 -forgive ourselves because we're human, we WILL make mistakes
 -reflect on how it made us feel
 -determine if we want to feel that way again
 -make a plan to try something different next time
 -if it doesn't work next time around, we'll repeat those steps and try something new
 -take it easy on ourselves
 -enjoy this life
 -focus on our blessings
 -keep our eyes on our dreams
 -keep moving forward
 -remember that slow progress is still progress!

I'm certain we'll see a big difference if we were to apply these daily.  It's absolutely changed my life so far, and I'm a work in progress!