Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Fine With Refining!

Ah, the refining process!  It can be uncomfortable, slow, and unpleasant, at times, but it’s very necessary to achieving our dreams and become the best version of ourselves.  The best part of refining is when it’s over and you turn out SO much better!

Check out the true definition of "refine":
  1. To reduce to a pure state; purify.
  2. To remove by purifying.
  3. To free from coarse, unsuitable, or immoral characteristics

  1. To become free of impurities.
  2. To acquire polish or elegance.
  3. To use precise distinctions and subtlety in thought or speech.

Isn't that exciting?  Don’t you want to be free from coarse, unsuitable, and immoral characteristics?  Free from impurities?  Polished and Elegant?  

If refining is what it takes to become the best version of “me”, I’ll embrace it!  My dreams are THAT important!

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