Friday, September 13, 2013

Crusin' Right Along

When I think back on the relationships I've had in my 35 years, I can see the various things I've learned from each one.  I've certainly grown emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and in confidence.  I've learned who I am, what I won't settle for, what I'll allow, why I react the way I do, the things I believe in, and why I had to go through certain situations.  I still have a long way to go and I'll never stop trying to improve who I am.

Our relationships aren't just with people.  We have relationships with our dreams, too.  They're part of us, they come from within. Fueled by our passions, we birth these visions of what could be and rehearse how much better life will become when it's finally our reality.  We have a strong emotional connection with our dreams.  We're protective of them.  We nurture them.  We invest in them.  We beam like a proud parent when we share our dreams with others.  Everything is just hunky dory in our dream world!

Sometimes those dreams come true!  Sometimes those dreams are better than we every expected!  Sometimes they take an unexpected turn.  Sometimes they fall apart right in front of us.  

It can cause our heart to break.  It can cause anger, tears, depression, and fear.  You can find yourself thinking "Why bother dreaming anymore. Nothing good ever goes my way, so what's the point?  Maybe I'm not meant to be happy."  Do you hear the victim mentality flowing from these words?  There's nothing positive in them at all.  Rehearse words like this for too long and your life will be fruitless.

When I received my "closure" this week, I didn't think words like that for a second.  I love my dream SO much that NOTHING will stand in my way!  I want this dream to become my reality and there's no WAY I could let it die!  When I received the response I was waiting for, it was clear to me my path was changing directions because it wasn't the answer I originally desired.  In a moment I knew what I'd been pursuing wasn't right for me. My dream wasn't dead, it was evolving... and that's exciting! 

I realized several months ago I'm certain about what I want for my life, it's just a matter of being patient and waiting for God to show me the when, where, with whom, and how.  Eventually, I'll understand why.  We'll face setbacks, barriers, and question marks on the road to our dreams.  We'll wish everything was moving faster.  We'll feel impatient.  We'll feel like quitting.

We can't allow that adversity to overwhelm us, break us, tear us down, victimize, or stop us from pursuing our dreams.   We must choose to focus on the future, believe in ourselves, embrace the mindset of an overcomer, be strong, be patient, trust God, and MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!


  1. I so needed to hear this today! Thank you for sharing your journey! -Carrie

    1. That's great to hear, Carrie!! You are so welcome!!!