Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Will You Deal?

We're going to face challenges.  
We're going to face adversity.  
Things won't always work out the way we'd planned.  
We're going to feel hurt.
We're going to feel pain.
We're going to suffer.
We'll find ourselves in a crisis of belief (over and over again).
Emotions will rise.
Tempers will flare.
We'll be reminded of the past.
We'll question the future.

And we must decide how we'll respond in these circumstances.

Our response could...
mend a relationship or destroy one.
build trust or break it.
build confidence or tear it down.
grow a future or ruin it.
encourage or discourage.
create good habits or enable bad ones.
build a good reputation or ruin one.
bring us closer to our dreams or kill them.

How will you deal?

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