Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Reflection

Reflecting on the person I was when I started this (blogging part of my) journey, I'm overwhelmed with emotion.  Although I'm not at all where I expected to be with the amount of pounds lost or the number of dress sizes dropped, I've grown so much emotionally... and that is priceless!  

*I find myself putting the devil in his place more frequently than I ever did before!
*I'm relying on God more and growing in Him daily!
*I'm sickened by the various drama that presents itself and I recognize the one behind it!
*When drama shows up, I'm less likely to engage in it or allow it to consume me!
*I focus on facts and am less likely to allow my emotions to consume me!
*I found my true grit!
*I'm much more likely to forgive myself and keep moving forward!
*I embrace my dreams and I don't let them die!
*I pray more!
*I worship more fully with an unquenchable desire for God's presence!
*My self-esteem is improving!
*I've been so supported and have made many new friends on similar journeys!
*I think about the consequences before eating and there's less mindless consumption now!
*I achieved my dream of becoming a licensed Zumba instructor! (BOO YAH!)
*I'm more positive and able to let things go easier!
*I'm so much closer to the rest of my dreams!
*I wanted to give up so many times but I didn't!


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