Friday, August 2, 2013


The frustration of pursuing a dream can be so overwhelming.  Heck, it's downright maddening sometimes!  Every now and then I just feel like throwing myself on the ground and kicking, screaming, and crying the way I did when I was little!  

I don't feel like being patient.
I don't want to keep working so hard.
I get furious when I can't understand why things are happening the way they are.
I feel like quitting.
I don't want to ask God to help me.
I want to do things my way.
I want to blame others.
I want to rush the timeline.
I want to beat myself up for mistakes I've made.
I don't want to hear and accept the truth.

If my dream is important to me...
I will be patient.
I will hustle, work hard, and ask God to help me move mountains.
I will trust God's plan and His timing.
I will not quit, no matter what.
I will call on God to help me get through it.
I will thank Him for the abundance of blessings He pours on my life.
I will allow Him to lead me and will not attempt to control everything.
I will shut Satan down when he attacks and will not allow him to throw me off track.
I will be accountable for my actions and responses to people and situations.
I will not blame others.
I will forgive myself and learn from mistakes.
I will not be wrapped up in problems but will move forward, constantly trying to improve.
I will use the bricks Satan throws at me to build a firm foundation.

I now have a new job title.  I'm a bricklayer!

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