Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wow Factor!


Week 81
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 220
Current weight: 203  (Last weigh-in 7/10/13)
Total weight loss: 17 pounds

Last week's dream focus
Leave the past where it belongs... behind me.  Focus on my blessings in the present and move towards my dreams for the future; continue making good progress and good choices; log food daily in the LoseIt app; rely on God to help me shut Satan down when he attacks (because he ain't stoppin' soon); begin easing into fitness - being careful not to do too much too fast; have patience while getting back into the routine of healthy living; AND GET SOME REST!

What went well: Life has slowed down (somewhat) and I'm feeling closer to normal in my routine!  I've been fighting the devil a lot this week and God has helped me win those battles!  I've been able to forgive myself and keep moving forward when I've made mistakes, which seems to have happened more than I'd like to admit.  I was tempted several times to be that old emotional eater again.  There were days I was able to resist and days I caved in.  The best news is that's behind me and I've continued to move forward!

Challenges:  I still don't feel as though I've caught up on my sleep.  Even though baseball has slowed down, it's like we're making up for lost time and catching up on chores and things we wanted or needed to be doing.  It's all good and I'm keeping my arm floaties on... I WON'T SINK!

I keep noticing sporadic pain that feels like the old familiar endometriosis pains.  Each time it occurs I feel a little more weighed down than the last time, finding myself wondering how long this is going to continue before a crucial decision has to be made.  ("God, is that Satan talking or the voice of reason and preparation?")  I'm already questioning when the next surgery could be and I'm hoping I don't have to endure another set-back.  I realize everything happens for a reason and I can't prevent the pain, nor can I change what's to come.  So I continue trusting God, believing in His plan for me, and knowing that everything He leads me through will work out for my good and His glory!

This week's dream focus: Leave the past behind me; continue moving towards my dreams for the future; log food daily in the LoseIt app; rely on God to help me shut Satan down when he attacks; begin easing into fitness; AND GET SOME REST!

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