Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Go For It!

This is your dream.  
God placed it in your heart and He wants you to pursue it.
He knows you have the ability. 
He believes in you.
He knows you can do this, but not without His help.
He knows how it will impact your life and the lives of others.
He knows the passion in your heart to live the life He's created for you.

Have you tried to work on your dream but fell down along the way?
Have you felt as though it's too difficult?
Have you felt alone?
Have you felt like no one else understands the challenges you face?
Aren't you tired of wishing great things will happen for you "one day"?

Then start again today!
Leave your comfortable, safe spot and try something new!
Surround yourself with dreamers who actively pursue their dreams; people who believe in and support you!
If the only dreamer you know is the writer of this blog, connect. It's a place to start!
Make decisions that will get you closer to your dream.  Each one leads to your path of greatness!

Don't let your dreams remain dreams.  
Work on them. 
Pursue them.
Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and keep going.
Do things you've never done.
Take a chance and GO FOR IT!

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