Monday, July 15, 2013

A Change of Mind

The simple, common sense fundamentals of eating right seem to leave my mind from time to time.  Sometimes they sound so easy and other times they seem like the biggest challenge of my life.  Why?


Change can be difficult.  Change can be uncomfortable.  Change takes practice.  Change takes picking yourself up, dusting it off, and trying again... like a billion times.  Change takes forgiveness of yourself and others.  Change is a must if you truly want see your dream become your reality.

W.L. Bateman nailed it on the head when he said "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always gotten." So when I think about my dream of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it becomes clear that I can't keep eating when I want, how much I want, and for any reason, the way I did in the past.  I must eat differently than before.  I want my dream to become my reality!

Here are some things that have worked really well for me in the past, when applied!  I'm sure there are a ton of tips, not on this list, that have worked for other people.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions and we can build a great big AWESOME list!

Healthy Eating Fundamentals
* Listen to your body's hunger signals.  Are they really hunger pangs or are you tempted to eat for another reason (an emotion, it's "time" to eat, etc.)?  If you aren't sure, drink some water, do something productive, and re-evaluate in 15 minutes.  

* Eat the proper amount of food.  Our stomachs are designed to consume a meal around the size of a clenched fist.  Are you eating larger portions?  Try using smaller smaller plates and bowls.

* Slow down and enjoy every bite!  Don't fly through your food to the point you can't enjoy what you're eating - or don't remember eating it.  Put your fork down, take a drink, and be aware of what -and how much - you're consuming.

* It's okay to leave food and terminate your membership from the "Clean Your Plate" club.  Begin with less food on your plate and you'll eat less... and waste less.  When dining out, ask the server for a to-go container when the food arrives and divide it up or split the meal with someone.

* Listen to your body to receive the "I'm politely full" signal. 

* Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

* Add more fruits, vegetables, and good proteins.  Clean eating is always a good idea!

* Consume less sugar.

* Don't fall into the trap of getting the most food for your buck.  It's never going to work well, unless you're splitting the meal.  

We have some good direction and tips to help us get closer to our dream! They're sensible, attainable, and good for us!  

So now it's time to decide:  "How important is my dream?" 


  1. Believe it & change! Look into juicing! It fills you up & you get NOTHING but healthy fruits & veggies! It's really all you need!
    Good luck! I believe in you!

    1. GREAT suggestion, Carol!!!!!!!! And thank you for believing in me!!!! :)