Sunday, June 9, 2013

Surgery Day... Again!

Week 12 of pain begins today... but surgery is scheduled for tomorrow!  I endured the first part of this challenge and I know I can endure the second.  When the doctor called and asked when I was available for surgery, I was THRILLED!  It felt like there was finally an end in sight and my pain would be resolved soon!  

But now, the night before surgery, it's all beginning to sink in and memories of the painful recovery after my surgery last August are entering my mind.  Pre-surgery jitters are always normal, but I have faith that God is with me and knows exactly what needs to happen. It's all gonna work out fine!

After a few days out of town at the boy's baseball tournament, I was blessed with some extra time to clean and get ready for the next four to six weeks of recovery.  I can already feel the effects of cleaning, but I figure this is nothing compared to how I'll feel tomorrow.  I'm trying so hard not to get down about my recent weight gain caused by lack of working out and eating more food... and choosing any foods I want (like non-healthy choices).  But I won't let that get me down and I can't focus on it right now.  I know that when I recover, I'll get a third wind and will jump right back on track.  I feel it in my bones!  

This delay will NOT stop me.  I have plans to continue pressing on towards my dreams, never giving up.  I fully believe my dream of losing weight and maintaining a healthy life WILL come true.  I won't allow Satan to keep me off track.  I will overcome.  I will turn this setback into a comeback!  

I'm not sure when I'll feel like posting again, so please bare with me as I recover.  I'll be back when the time is right and will fill you in on how things are going!  I do want to thank you so much for your continued support and positivity in this journey.  I'm so honored that you care and believe in me.  It really helps me believe in myself and stay focused and motivated!  This path would be so much more difficult to walk on my own.  

So until my next post...


  1. Praying for you and your recovery!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm making a little progress every day!!