Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Will Love This Life

Week one of recovery is now behind me... and was a success!  I've been in pain, as expected, but it's been significantly better than my surgery last August.  I haven't cried at all, which is a pretty big deal for this cry-baby!  I just felt so much relief that my pain would soon come to an end and life would get back to normal shortly... it's like I could breathe again.

It's been difficult to rest as much as I need to, but I have to do it!  Even though I know better - and others have told me their "take it from me" stories - I had to learn the hard way that doing too much too soon isn't the best thing.  Every day I feel a little better... again, slow progress is still progress!  

Oh yeah, this is my first blog post since surgery so you don't know the low-down!  Surgery went really well and I was able to go home the same day.  They removed my malfunctioning gallbladder, removed surgical adhesions from my previous surgery (this is what was causing my severe, lower-right abdominal pain), and removed more endometriosis.  No hernia was found and my appendix looked healthy, so the surgeon left it in there!  And for those of you concerned, the lady parts looked good, too!  :)

With the amount of surgery I ended up having, I'll get to return to work a week earlier than expected... and that means my dreams are even closer to reality than I'd hoped!  In my bones I feel that big things are in store for my life.  I feel those dreams I've been envisioning for so long, pursuing for months now, are GOING to become my reality! I believe God's plan is so much better than what I could create.  His timing is perfect and everything I've been through has been for amazing reasons I'll come to know.  I'm excited to see where my life goes, but I'm also trying to stay present in these moments and embrace what they bring.  I don't want to spend my life rushing to to the next big thing and not enjoying where I am.  

I will love this life... every moment of it.

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