Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Won't Be Stopped

"Unfortunately, we cannot issue the insurance coverage you requested. Your application was declined due to your build and depression." 

A friend of mine received a letter this weekend from the insurance company at her new job denying her coverage for the reason noted above.  I'm pretty sure I would have felt crushed and defeated after reading words like these... words about me, personally.  

I had no idea insurance companies denied people coverage for reasons like this.  Apparently they do.  It really, really stinks.  The good news is she does have options!  They are:

  • find another job with better insurance coverage 
  • allow this rejection to lead her deeper into depression and become completely defeated
  • use this "rejection" as the fire she needs to pick herself up, dust it off, and hop back on the healthy lifestyle train to make her dreams come true, showing that insurance company they'll eventually have to eat their words and insure her little, shrinking buns!
I know she likes this new job and there's no telling what another company's insurance might be like... more of the same?  Better?  Worse?  She might not know what she's getting into by choosing the first option.

I know one thing... she's not the victim type.  She's a God-fearing woman who will surrender herself to Him and His plan for her.  She wants more for her life than to let something like this stop her.  She WON'T allow Satan to keep her from the dreams that God laid on her heart.  Now that she's aware of his little scheme, she can tell him to shut up because SHE'S MOVIN' ON!  She won't let him win.

Girl, you've got this!  

I've got your back... and so does God!

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