Friday, May 24, 2013


I mean... did I seriously just read these words?  After fighting the annoying devil and his negativity all week, this was exactly the confirmation I needed to keep going!  I can't express how much I love these words: "This is the ground I have gained, and I am NOT giving it up, devil.  YOU ARE NOT driving me back into the hole that God pulled me out of.  I am going to stand strong in the power of God until He delivers me."  (emphasis added) They empower me beyond belief.  


My heart seriously JUMPS inside my chest when I read those words.  And it's not getting old!  I keep reading them over and over again and it's more exciting each time!  I want to memorize and say them in my head, out loud, in front of my friends, my family, my church... whenever I need to say them - no matter where I am!  

We DON'T have to sit back and take his attacks!
We DON'T have to believe the lies he whispers in our ear!
We DON'T have to allow him to keep us from our dreams!
We DON'T have to settle for an ordinary life!

We CAN turn our mess into our message!
We CAN encourage ourselves, and others, to keep fighting and overcome!
We CAN forgive ourselves, and others, for mistakes made!
We CAN be happy!

"There may be times when it seems that you cannot go forward, but at least you do not have to go backward.  You may not know how to forge ahead, but you can stand firmly on what you know of God."  So...


  1. Keep moving forward my sweet friend. It's the only direction to go, no matter what. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, love!! I know you're right!!!