Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mind Shift

Shifting our thoughts, our focus, and our outlook is not impossible.  Although it seems far away some days, we CAN change our way of thinking!  When we do, we will overcome!

Please be advised...

It takes effort.  
It takes time.  
It takes love.
It takes commitment.
It takes hope. 
It takes faith.
It takes patience.  
It takes endurance.
It takes forgiveness (of yourself and others).
It takes picking yourself up and starting over, multiple times.

These things will make or break your success in overcoming the old habits and developing new ones!  Trust me, you CAN OVERCOME!  You just can't give up.  You just can't quit when it gets difficult.  What you can do it dust of your wings and get ready to SOAR!

(Source - I do not endorse or promote Red Bull)


  1. who designed your header and site?

    1. I picked out the colors and font and a co-worker of mine put the header together and whipped up those new social media icons! He's darn amazing and I LOVE how it turned out!