Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Confuse The Enemy

Sometimes I feel so frustrated with where I am.  

Satan reminds me how long it's been since I started this weight loss journey... December 28, 2011, to be exact.  Next Tuesday will make it one year and 5 months.  He points out how many pounds and dress sizes I could have lost by now had I not been in so much pain, resulting in surgery and a recovery last summer, and now a second round of pain, resulting in another anticipated surgery (not yet scheduled) and recovery.  He points out how I seem to lose 25 pounds but can't make it past that number for various reasons.  He reminds me of all the new, smaller clothes I purchased recently but can't wear because of the swelling in my abdomen.  He reminds me how many friends, family, and others follow my blog and "progress" and he tells me they're going to get sick of waiting and watching to see if I'll really make this dream come true.  He brings to mind the fact that I finally reached my dream of becoming a certified Zumba instructor but haven't been able to do anything about it since... and haven't worked out in 8 weeks.  And he conveniently brings up, over and over again, how a HUGE dream I've had for two years has never been closer - it's right in the palm of my hand - yet I can't move forward until my health is better. 

He laughs when he sees that he's gotten to me.

Do you see the amount of negativity in that paragraph?  It actually sickens me to read it.  But it's real.  This is how Satan works on us.  This is how he keep us from turning our God-given dreams into everyday life.  This is how he holds us back from being truly happy and fulfilled.  

But we don't have to listen.

Although those things he brings up may be facts, I refuse to dwell on them.  They will not stop me from turning my dreams into reality!  God helps me remember that I haven't given up when times were difficult, when I was overwhelmed, when this seemed to be more than I could handle.  He helps me recall the fact that slow progress is still progress!  He reminds me of all the lessons I've learned and how many new, good habits I've created in that year and five months.  He tells me it's not about reaching a number or a deadline, but having real, long-lasting results.  He helps me feel the love I receive from my friends, family, and all the followers of my blog and Facebook page and reminds me how much support I feel from them, helping me hang in there.  And God asks me to trust Him, to remember He has everything under control and this is all working out according to His plan... and it's much better than what I could ever come up with.  He asks me to be patient and believe that He won't let me down.

So I wait, I try to have patience, I forgive myself for mistakes and move forward, I continue to believe in my dreams, and I thank God for standing by my side and never letting me go.  And when the enemy fires up those tactics on me, I'll worship God even louder! 

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