Friday, May 17, 2013

Can I Get a YAY?

While my health is not failing, it's not at its peak!  My spirit was challenged this week with pain, questions, and uncertainty, but I put my trust in God and He's carried me through!  The pain is still constant and I've been exhausted this week, explaining the lack of posts.  But the great news is my CT scan results showed no sign of ovarian cancer... CAN I GET A YAY?  I was very concerned about that possibility but fortunately, this is not something I have to face right now.

As we eliminate ailments, I continue to endure the pain, keep my spirits up, and strengthen my faith in God.  Our focus is to continue searching for the cause and we might be on the right track.  

The GI specialist referred me to a surgeon to talk about another possibility; an inguinal hernia.  After reading this article, it hit home in a big way.  I could totally relate to the symptoms... it sounds so much like what I've been going through.  When I read "Symptoms can be suggestive of other problems — ovarian cystsfibroidsendometriosis or adhesions from a previous operation..." I felt validated that I wasn't alone on the path I took.  I researched and questioned every one of those conditions!  If it is a hernia, it's very treatable and I could be back to normal by mid summer!

I'm not sure what's to come or what the surgeon will say, but God is giving me peace that there IS an end in sight!  And my dreams, while currently on hold, WILL come true in HIS time!

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