Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You CAN Change!


It can be a really scary thing.

But in order to become better versions of ourselves, to move in the direction of our dreams, to truly be happy and fulfilled, we can't continue to do what we've been doing.  

We must be willing to get uncomfortable.  We must make progress.  We must change.  

So how do I even start?

If you're unhappy with your life in general, start by narrowing it down to one area.  You might find that starting there will change your perspective and help you discover happiness in places you didn't feel it before!  

Try not to change everything at once.  Understand it takes time to develop new habits and overcome the old ones.  It takes repetition, determination, and a lot of picking yourself up when you stumble... because believe me, YOU WILL.  

And that's okay.

Be okay with slow progress.  Slow progress IS progress and it's much better than continuing to do the same old things (or "nothings") that kept you miserable before.  Remember that.  Reflect on how you felt when you were unhappy... then begin to see your dreams, your future.  How would it feel for that to become your reality, leaving the old junk behind?  

Do you deserve to be happy?  Absolutely!  

Do you deserve to have those dreams come true?  Definitely!  

God places dreams in your heart so you'll pursue the life He wants you to live!  He wants you to use the story of how you overcame to glorify Him and help others come to know Him.  He wants you to shine not so that others can see you, but through you, others can see Him! (Ephesians 5:8)  How do you want your story to turn out?

To change, you must:
Be dedicated.  Devote yourself to seeing this through.  Be aware that it will get difficult at times, but don't give up when it does.  
Concentrate.  Fix your eyes on your dream, your future, and on God, and don't look back for long. 
Evaluate.  Reflect on where you once were and remember how unhappy you felt back then.  Do you really want to feel that way again?  Use those feelings to propel you forward and leave 'em in the dust behind you!
Cooperate.  Don't fight the process, roll with it!  Be patient with the timing because this change won't happen overnight.  It takes time and effort, so give it.
Affirm and stay positive.  Be okay with the fact that you'll make mistakes! You knew you would, so don't beat yourself up over it.  Forgive yourself and keep moving forward.  Maintain a positive outlook and put aside those negative, self-sabotaging thoughts!
Be motivated.  Be your own cheerleader!  Congratulate yourself when you do things right, said "no" when you wanted to say "yes", or vise-versa.  Don't ignore the little victories because they're powerful and they add up!  Surround yourself with others who inspire and cheer you on.  Spend little time with those who drain you or try to crush your dreams.  When you can't avoid those people, ask God to help you stay motivated and deflect negative comments that could tear you down.

Don't give up... believe that you CAN change!  You CAN be happy!  You CAN turn your dreams into reality!  


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