Sunday, April 7, 2013

GVHS Shout-Out!

Three months after I began (this round of) my weight loss journey, I kept feeling the need to share my blog posts on Facebook with a desire to help others going through similar struggles.  But insecurity overwhelmed me and for weeks I wouldn't take that leap. 

My mind was filled with fearful thoughts like "what if people don't care to hear about my journey", and "what if they take it the wrong way, like I'm seeking attention", and my biggest fear "so many friends from high school will see these posts and know I've gained a bunch of weight... it's just too embarrassing!"

But the day came when God spoke clearly to me, saying, "Take My hand and trust Me.  You can do this!  Not everyone will need to hear your story but many people will be impacted by it if you just put yourself out there.  Close your eyes and take the leap... I'll won't let you down!"

So I closed my eyes... and I jumped.  The rest is history!

To all of you who've known me at any weight and continue to support me, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude!  To those of you who haven't met me personally but encourage and inspire me to keep chasing my dreams, I thank you from the depths of my soul!

And to my Grain Valley High School classmates who support me in my journey, you'll never fully understand just what it means to have you on my side.  Your encouragement, friendship, and motivation has really blown my mind!  None of you have ever discouraged me or said a negative word to throw me off track.  Rather, you've helped me believe in myself, you've reminded me I could do it, you've been right there with me through the ups and downs sharing positive words to help me move forward, and you confirmed what I already knew... you're amazing!  I'm sorry for ever doubting you... but that's how Satan uses insecurity and inferiority to hold us back.  I'm just glad I trusted God enough to shut him up and take that leap!

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