Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 58
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 220
Current weight: 198
Total weight loss: 22 pounds! I'm back to my pre-surgery weight!

Last week's dream focus: Dance my buns off at the Retro Zumba Party Friday night; don't allow the current adversity to prevent me from getting to my dream; continue eating well; and don't make poor choices when dining out!
What went well: Getting back to the gym has made me happy.  I really love that I now miss it when I can't be there.  It's a neat feeling!  I didn't let Sunday's "Donut Incident" mess me up... and I resisted my FAVORITE kind of donuts on Fat Tuesday at work!  I'm so proud of myself!
Challenges: Due to a family situation I was unable to attend the Retro Zumba Party... and I was heartbroken.  I've missed the last three Zumba parties, but I hope the next one will work out! 
This difficult situation I'm going through (that I thought I was at the peak of last Wednesday) has continued to get worse.  I always think I'll be able to make it through times of adversity easily, relying on God through it all and trusting His plan for me.  Well, I'm certainly relying on Him and I do trust His plan, but I'm NOT finding it easy to overcome.  Of course, nobody said it would be easy.
I've cried so many tears this week.  I sometimes feel like no one understands or cares.  I feel stuck. 
But I'm not sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  I'm taking action to change things and make them better.  I'm trying to be patient.  I'm trying to focus on the right things.  I'm trying not to be a victim.  I'm trying not to fall into old habits and eat as a result of an emotion.
I'm not doing a perfect job, but I'm definitely trying.  And trying is really helping.
This week's dream focus: Keep my eyes on my dream - doing what I have to do to overcome this crazy adversity; eat better than this past week - making GOOD choices when dining out; and amp up the fitness!

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