Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 57
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 220
Current weight: 205 (I’m breaking my dependency on the number on the scale. Last weigh-in 11/29/12)
Total weight loss: 15 pounds!

Last week's dream focus: Stay on the road to feeling better and regaining strength; get back to the gym when I can finally physically handle it; as I regain my appetite, continue eating healthy; and don't make poor choices when dining out!
What went well: I'm finally feeling normal (for me) again, but it took a while!  Dehydration was rough and I didn't become fully hydrated until Monday.  I went back to the gym and did so well Monday night, then rocked my Zumba class last night!  My appetite is back and it's kind of neat that I'm craving foods that are good for me... and desiring those "other foods" less.  That virus detoxed me more than I realized!
Challenges: I'm at the peak of a difficult situation (or at least I hope it's the peak and not the start... Lord, please continue to help me through this!).  It's unrelated to my weight loss journey, but the reminders still apply.  I have to constantly remember that the journey to turning our dreams into our reality can be SUPER CHALLENGING.  I've determined how much I really want this.  And the more I realize how much I want it, the less I can tolerate anything else.  Finding the balance has proven to be really difficult and overwhelming.  I know I can overcome, but man - this is hard.
This week's dream focus: Dance my buns off at the Retro Zumba Party Friday night; don't allow the current adversity to prevent me from getting to my dream; continue eating well; and don't make poor choices when dining out!


  1. You are an inspiration! That is one of my favourite Bible verses :)

  2. This is SO good!

    It's Fresh Friday :)