Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Your Road

As a person who naturally desires to encourage others and help them through their struggles, it's sometimes difficult to reach out for help when I need to.  It's not healthy to internalize your feelings and I know that.  But when life gets super-overwhelming, I find myself retreating... wanting to shut down and shut out the world.  That may be okay for a bit, but letting it go too long becomes a problem. 

Even a life coach needs a life coach!

I have terrific parents who encourage me and remind me that God will never fail me, He has a plan for my life that's better than anything I could imagine, and He's in control!  I have an incredible husband who wants to make the situation better, who is willing to sacrifice his own wants and needs to make me happy, and who has absorbed the majority of my groaning.  I have amazing friends who offer different perspectives, help me refocus, remind me what's really important, who encourage me, and pray for and with me.  And above all, I have a gracious Heavenly Father who is by my side through it all, comforting me when my heart is breaking and my spirit is crushed!

To all of you, I pour my heart out with gratitude and humbled thanks for never letting me down.  You help me continue moving in the direction of my dreams, even when you don't realize it!  I refuse to allow Satan to keep me from seeing them come true.  I'll endure many obstacles and barriers along this road, but I won't allow them to overtake me or stop me from getting to my dreams!


  1. Such an honest, inspiring post! Yes, all of us certainly do need help and encouragement sometimes, however strong and independent we may be. It is wonderfully uplifting to know that God surrounds us with people who love and care about us, but that more than that, He is always there for us -- our refuge and strength, an ever-present help :)

    1. I really appreciate those words! My main comfort is knowing God is my refuge and strength!!!!! How lucky are we?