Friday, February 1, 2013

Full Transition Mode

Remember times of transition in your life? Think back...
You had that moment when you recognized a dream and you made the decision to act on it. You take a step forward. It felt good. You took another step... then another.  You begin to think “This feels right –this is definitely what I want!” You keep moving in that direction, envisioning the future; feeling empowered and feeling hope of what's to come.
Then, a barrier is thrown your way. One you didn't see coming. It's uncomfortable and you don't want to face it. You now question your dream. "Is this what I really want?  Maybe I'm not meant for this after all.  Maybe I’m being unrealistic.”  You contemplate giving up on the dream. 
You’re in full transition mode.
You must now make a critical choice.  Keep trying or give up.
To find your answer, ask yourself:
·         How important is this dream to me?
·         Is the barrier really that big?
·         Am I willing to allow this barrier to keep me from my dream?
·         How will I feel later if I do?
·         How will I feel later if I don’t?
·         What can I do to get around it?
·         Who can help me get around it?
·         Do I need to modify my dream?
Your answers will help you decide how much you really want this. 

When you overcome life’s challenges and barriers, you feel accomplished.  You gain a sense of empowerment that drives you to see that dream become reality.  You no longer want to settle for the way it’s always been.  You stand up for yourself.  You find ways to make it happen.  
So what will you choose?


  1. I choose to work every day to become the author i know i will be ! No time like the present and i know i am so close ! No excuses. Work harder. I want my kids to see anything is possible if you work.

    1. So awesome. I believe in you and love how committed you are to your dream! Most of all, I love the example you're setting for your children... beautiful.