Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is It Over Yet?

Oh my.  Where do I start? 

Last Wednesday night I struggled with a headache.  It slowly turned into a migraine which lasted two full days.  It got me down and kept me out of work, the gym, praise team practice, and my Zumba class. 

Friday night I started feeling weak, my body ached, and I was chilled to the bone.  By early Saturday morning I was in full-blown Norovirus mode and the terror didn't end until last night.  I've been feeling pretty weak all day but I'm finally on the mend.

While I absolutely did NOT enjoy being that ill, it did help with my caloric intake for the week.  I definitely lost weight, but in a way I would never desire to lose it again.  :)   Just look at the amount of calories I've consumed from Friday through today.  Not ideal...

Every bite of food was a big mistake, especially the grilled cheese I ate one-third of.  Most of my calories were from liquids that went in and right out.  SOOO not a fun way to spend your days.  I wasn't able to sleep much but I did watch 'You've Got Mail' three times.  What a great, make ya feel-better movie!

So there's my update, kids.  It's not much but I wanted to ease back into blogging tonight (this one has taken me over an hour... seriously... I'm obviously not back to normal!).  I'm going to rest and relax this evening, but I'll be back tomorrow with my next Wednesday Wow Factor (it feels like I JUST posted one)!  Until then...