Friday, January 11, 2013

Coming Clean

It’s time to come clean.

I’ve been on a plateau lately because YOU CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT BY WORKING OUT AND EATING CRAP!  Period.  It just doesn’t happen.  I don’t like admitting it to you – or myself – at all.  I can’t stand the fact that I’ve been rocking my commitment to fitness and have continued to log my food daily, yet I’m still not fully committed to eating healthy.  I’m making poor choices.  I’m eating out too often and too much of the wrong foods.  It’s better than I used to be, but it’s definitely not where I need to be to lose weight and be healthy.  

And I have another confession to make.  

You probably know by now that I hate math.  When you log food, there’s a little math involved.  Not a big deal, really, because my LoseIt app calculates it for me.  But when I have to estimate how many calories I’m consuming in foods without a label (like eating at a restaurant), how realistic am I being?  It’s really not a math issue at this point… it’s an accountability issue.  It’s a matter of being honest and truthful.

I can’t bend the truth when logging my food, then work out and expect the results to be amazing.  IT DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY.  Calories, fat, and sugars can’t hear my lies or see the numbers I’m logging.  They don’t care.  They’re going straight to my stomach, hips, thighs, and everywhere else I don’t want them.  

In talking about this with a friend today, I questioned why we have to be so stubborn.  Why does it take us so long to GET IT?  My mom considered me a strong-willed child.  And, although I don’t feel like a strong-willed adult, I do see the strong-willed child come out when it comes to food and creating these new, good habits.  

So why the inner struggle?

It’s simple.  Satan wants to keep me stuck.  And the secure, confident, God-trusting adult in me wants to show him he has no power over my life.  I don’t want to be a victim of his evil schemes.  I don’t want to allow him to steal my joy.  I don’t want to give him a reason to laugh at me.  

I’m going to get this right! 


  1. Great Post! The eating out part gets me too! I try to only eat out once a week and usually that is my one "cheat" meal I allow myself a week so counting calories really isn't necessary if you're limiting it to one meal a week. Other times I take the time to go to the restaurants website and pick out a healthier option before I even get there and I don't pick up a menu! I think planning ahead is the hardest part...I've also found a weekly meal plan helps as well as having a variety of quick easy snacks that are waistline friendly!

    1. Thanks for sharing that with me, Tiffany! I'm with you in trying to limit my occurances of eating out. It's a great idea to look ahead and go in with a plan of what to order before you get there!

      I really think planning is a key to the success of this. It takes some time but is SO worth it in the end!!!

  2. Once you get in a pattern of doing it, it becomes easier. It is a matter of willpower and knowing that your body and life deserves the best. Once you starting eating healthy you don't want to eat the crap because it makes you feel soooo bad.

    I believe in you, You can do it!

    1. I ready for this to be a habit, no doubt!!!! I believe I will get there, too! Thank you for believing in me, Haley!!!

  3. One thing I am tryiing to cut out is Diet Pepsi. The problem....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Diet Pepsi! My trainer is always preaching on the evil effects of diet brain gets intellect understands it....but my emotional desires simply DO NOT GET IT!!! Did I mention that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Diet Pepsi??????
    I don't do well when I restrict or try to elimnate something from my diet. It makes me want it more......SO....I went back to my Beck book (you remember that little pink book, right????) and I understand that TOO much diet soda can wreck havoc on my diet and I know I need to not drink it, but emotionally (the strong willed child in me) is saying "NO WAY!!" I can't battle everything at one time...I can't "eliminate" Diet Pepsi from my diet right now....BUT I can LIMIT the amount of Diet Pepsi I have each week. So, now I am allowing myself ONE can (12oz) of Diet Pepsi on Wednesday and one on Saturday. And score one for me, b/c I didn't have one on Wednesday b/c I have a miserable cold and I didn't care!!! I may or I may not have one tomorrow, but I CAN have one, if I want one and I can look forward to it all week.
    So, when I want a Diet Pepsi, I simply remind myself that I am going to have one on Wednesday or Satruday and be OK with that.
    Easier said than done, eh, sister???

    Food should be the same way. Don't use it as a "reward" for "good" behavior, but allow yourself a "treat" every week. If you eat out 3 times, eat/plan/look at nutritional value 2 times and 1 time eat what you want, and LET IT GO! You can tell yourself that you can have "what you want" once a week and the other times you have the same temptations, you can remind yourself...."I am going to enjoy whatever on Saturday, so I am going to say NO today/right now!".

    Not eating out a lot is hard, especially when you are busy and working out like a rock star!!! Whhooot Hooot! ANd taking care of the husband and the the boy.....Eating is so ingrained into our beliefs of what "family" time is all about, too, so it's really hard to say NO and not eat with them, especially when ya'll enjoy it together so much.
    I think planning and knowing the nutritional value of the menu at the restaurants you eat at the most will help you stay in control. If ya'll are like us, we pretty much eat out at the same places...unfortunately, a lot of fast food, but the nutritional values of the menu are everywhere, so you really don't have any excuses!

    A tough row to hoe, for sure......I'm with ya on this one, sista!!

    1. That's why you and I completely relate, Kendra! For whatever reason we don't want to be told "no" (maybe it's that strong-willed child in us?). I seem to do so much better when I know NOTHING is off limits and I can have free will to decide what I want or don't.

      Sunday I felt so much anxiety all day long and it seemed to get worse as the afternoon went by. I watched a Lifetime movie hopeing that would take my mind off it but my stomach was still in knots and I wanted to throw up. Todd felt bad about it and wanted to make it better. He asked "Would you like to get out of the house and grab some ice cream from Sonic?"

      In the past that would have sounded like beautiful, sweet music to my ears. And, as much as I understood he was trying to help and make the anxiety go away, I finally realized that getting ice cream "to make me feel better" would only add to my problems. FINALLY! This response came over me naturally because I've been working for a year to change that habit - I haven't given up - and it's starting to make an impact! I had the choice to get ice cream or do something productive and good to work through that anxiety. So instead of eating, we went to Home Depot to get a product we needed! And I was so proud of myself! My anxiety got better and I didn't go over my caloric budget for the day! The cognitive therapy I've learned from The Beck Diet Solution book is working! I need to read it multiple times for it to really sink in but that instance is proof that there's something to it! :)

      LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  4. I have been yoyoing between 4 pounds up and down since November. I'm hoping to break that and eat healthy already. I wanna get it right with you! Esther Norine Designs

    1. We can TOTALLY do this, Esther!! GIRL POWER!!! :) I think you're on the right path by having hope that you'll break that cycle and build new, good habits. Way to go!