Friday, January 11, 2013

A Good Trip

Now THIS is what I call a great trip to the grocery store!  I went with the intention of buying only healthy foods and I'm so proud of myself... and the outcome!  It's not a ton of food, but I have good plans for it.  And now, when I feel like having a snack, I have healthy options to choose from!  I bought ingredients for smoothies and picked up the vanilla flavor of the whey protein powder I like.  I already knew I loved the chocolate but the vanilla is rocking my world!  Now, I can get creative with my shakes!

In spending time viewing pictures of other people’s healthy eating on Facebook and pinning healthy recipes and ideas on Pinterest, I’m starting to really desire healthier foods.  I'm missing my yummy, healthy smoothies and the foods I’ve been indulging in lately are becoming less appealing.  Seeing the results of eating them, working out, and still not losing weight are finally sinking in.   I love that!

I've never been a salad eater.  In high school, my friends would eat salads and I envied them, wishing like heck I would crave one - let alone choke it down without tons of cheese and dressing to mask the "earthy" taste.  Even today, I don't really enjoy eating a garden salad... with the exception of one local place; Kelso's. I actually crave eating a salad from here!  And there's nothing really special about the salad itself, it's the creamy garlic dressing that blows my mind and makes me drool!  I never use more than half the dressing they give because I dip my fork in it for each bite, so I'm not worried about too many calories.  

I don't know why it's pink, but it rocks.  We ate there for lunch and after expressing to the waitress my undying love for their creamy garlic dressing and the difficult time I've had finding something comparable in stores, they actually sold me some to take home!  I'll be lucky if I use one eighth of what I bought before it goes bad, but if it means more salads in my life for a week or two, it's worth it!

I tell you this because you couldn't have convinced me I would ever put spinach, or any other greens, into a blender with fruit and protein powder and drink it... and LIKE IT!  But one day I read a blog that convinced me to try it.  I wish I knew what blog it was because this girl was amazing and I'd love to point you to her post!  Long story short, I tried it, you can NOT taste anything green about it, and I LOVE IT!

The first protein smoothie I made was a Strawberry Banana Green smoothie.  Deeeee-lish!  


And super fast and easy to make!

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie
1 medium banana
5 strawberries
Spinach with stems removed (as much or as little as you like)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder 
Water or Almond Milk

Coconut flakes (optional)
Sprinkles, for fun (optional)  

Add the first 6 ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.  Top with coconut flakes and sprinkles, if desired.  Enjoy!

(With the ingredients I used, this smoothie was approximately 380 calories)

* The protein powder you use is up to you.  I've done a lot of research, have tried several kinds in different price ranges, and I've finally found one that's budget friendly, low in sugar, high in protein, and tastes great!  I'm no longer "embarrassed" to tell you it's from CVS pharmacy.  I know many people are loyal to other brands of shakes and don't mind paying a lot of money for them but, for me, this works great!  Find the Chocolate and Vanilla here!

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