Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today Is New

Have you found yourself today thinking "Man, I really blew it yesterday.  I ate WAY too much food... foods I wouldn't normally eat.  I feel so awful about myself!"?

Me too.

You know the good news? 

That was yesterday... and THIS is today.

Today is new.  Today is made up of whatever we decide... whatever we choose.  Today is full of possibilities.  Today is a fresh beginning.  Today is pure, until we mess up.  But even then, the next minute is another chance to get it right and learn from that mistake! 


We don't have to wait until next Tuesday (New Year's Day) to start over or get on the right path.  We can start now! 

I know it can feel overwhelming.  It sometimes looks too difficult.  The mountain can seem awfully high.  But there are so many people who have dared to dream, dared to jump, and overcame!  Many of those people overcame challenges beyond what we face. 

You can do this.  I believe in you!  Just know you WILL mess up... more than once!  Be okay with that.  It's part of the process!  Learn from it and keep moving forward.  I continue to mess up but each time I do, I choose to forgive myself, I focus on how it made me feel, and I create a plan to make better decisions the next time! 

So yesterday was Christmas.  It was one day out of 365 days.  It was a time of gathering with family and eating traditional foods we may only get that one day a year.  So what!  There's no reason to wallow in guilt because you overate. 

That was yesterday.  Today is new...


  1. agreed....don't let one bump in the road stop you. Don't let it hold you down. Get back after it and keep making the life you dream of.