Monday, December 17, 2012

Sore Muscles Mean I'm Closer To My Dream!

Last Tuesday, after doing the BURN class the night before, I posted this status update on my blog's Facebook page:

"I NEED HELP! Please help me convince myself that feeling really sore and stiff the next day (or two or three) after a workout is so worth it and not ludicrous! I don't want to give up on my dream!"

The response was overwhelming!  So many people commented with encouraging and supportive words.  And those words ran through my head tonight while I did my second BURN class!  This is PROOF that surrounding yourself with people who lift you up can do wonderful things for you!  To those of you who offered those encouraging words - "thank you"!  It's really helping me!

Here's a list of those awesome comments!  I know I'll be referring to them often until they become my own thoughts.  They're already beginning to sink in!

"It is your body telling you in simple words that you have worked very hard and it needs to repair to become stronger so that next time you can work harder!"

"Pain is weakness leaving the body!"

"It is worth it! Every time you feel that soreness, remind yourself that it's because you ROCKED an awesome workout, making your body stronger and healthier. You got this!!!"

"You're sore because you are working it girl! No pain no gain right??!!! As John Cougar says "hurts so good"!!! You won't give up because if you do then I will question my own hard work - and it's all about ME! :) You are amazing Chrissy. Hang in there! and try a heating pad."

"It is so worth it! I saw something the other day that said the pain you feel today is what you will be admiring in days to come!"

"It will be well worth every bit of pain when you reach your goal and see the results that you desire. Keep going girl!"

"It lets me know I did something. If I'm not a little sore I don't feel like I've accomplished anything. Press on, reach your goal, and crush it."

"Look how far you have come!  Look at what you have endured!  You WILL NOT go back through that again.  A little pain is nothing a strong soul can't handle.  Keep going!!!"

"It's the best feeling in the world.  Don't give up!  It just reminds you how tough you are getting!"

"I couldn't walk for almost 3 days after I climbed 150 flights of stairs and now in march in climbing 70 flights for the American Lung Association.

"I have been sore for almost a week hurts like heck but I love it!  You should definitely feel good about yourself now that you are crazy worked your body well!!"

"By simply reaching out for help in finding a way to reframe the pain and see it as something positive you are WINNING! That is exactly how it's done. You are in very good company. Soreness is a part of the journey to health and every person who has walked the path you are now just beginning has felt exactly how you feel. And they pushed through. You will too. Welcome to the club!"

"I'm so jealous! It's the best feeling in the world when your body's sooooo sore and you need to go to the bathroom and you can't just sit down on the toilet like you usually do. Instead, you have to fall straight back because your legs hurt too bad to bend and you're just praying that you land in the right spot!"  [This one came from a member of my family... I love my cousin!]

"It's a reminder there are results in the making.. trust me go see my results folder many times of nearly vomiting and coming home to epsom salt baths... yessaaaaa   Pee standing.. very familiar although being able to squat makes great for public restrooms!"

"It is good but you should never feel so sore that you can't walk, especially when it comes to weights. A little sore is good but too sore and you may just need to lower the weights or tweak your form form."

"Girlie, I've been sore for 2 years! This is how I know it's worth it: this morning I put on a pair of jeans that are usually pretty snug (you know, the "good butt" jeans!). By the time I got to work, I realized I should have worn a belt! They're so loose in the waist, my shirt won't stay tucked in! Keep it'll get there!"

"The best pain to feel - it feels good! Woot! You go girlie!"

"You go girl. Do what you want and look what the reward is. Love"

"Keep doing it consistently and it will go away, until you step it up a notch again and then it starts over, but each time it gets better and you feel better! I promise!!!"

"You are an inspiration! Just subscribed, read your post and felt good supporting you! But my message means more than backing you up...means I want to see you succeed, you are the flag I keep my eyes on so I reach the same destination! Fly high!"

"I absolutely love what you have going here A way to all connect and hold each other accountable.  I have SO been there, and reading all these posts bring back so many memories. You CAN do it everyone, I did!  FYI, sore is good! Remember that means all your hardwork is working!! It gets easier one workout at a time

"This is so worth it! The soreness wont always be there! You gotta break it down to rebuild! Think of it as a REGROWTH! A new you! xo hugs"

"Those aches and pains and the desire to cry when I'm walking down a set of stairs because my thighs are on fire has become my favorite part of working out. Makes me feel productive. I'm disappointed if something doesn't ache


  1. Very great words that will definitely continue to inspire you as you keep pushing strong towards your goals. When I first started lifting heavy I was always sore. I had to get used to being in constant discomfort. Then I got a revelation from God that made me understand what I was feeling and doing. I was no longer letting my past define me I was redefining my body by lifting those things that once had me bound. I was using them to strengthen me. It was a metaphor that totally changed the way I saw myself and training. I am in love with weight training because it makes me feel powerful and strong. Girls that lift ROCK!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh that inspires me! I am on the path of embracing the discomfort and I won't give up. Knowing that God helped you connect with weight training helps me to feel like it's going to happen for me, too! I'll keep praying about it!