Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, My Side!

So I did the BURN class Monday night and boy, did it burn!  It was terrific!  I plan to start going because it really kicked my butt and it made the impact of that 28 minute training session I did... but it lasted 50 minutes!  I was hurting a lot yesterday but I pushed myself and went to the gym for Zumba!  It was the most packed class I've attended but we had fun.  We did five new songs and it felt great to change it up!

So do you remember in high school gym class, when running laps or doing other exercises, you'd get that awful pain in your side?  It always hurt so much you felt like you just couldn't go on!  (Maybe it was just me, a non-athlete and all-around wimp.)  Well, I experienced that old familiar pain again last night... after the THIRD SONG!  

I felt so embarrassed!

I didn't want to stop for fear someone would think I couldn't handle it (insecurity and inferiority) so I kept going... through the entire class.  I never have this problem during Zumba!  Was it too soon after the BURN class?  Did I move wrong?  Was it something I said?  :)

I found this information about side stitches, or Exercise-Related Transient Abdominal Pain, at  The most commonly reported theory is that the jarring motion of running bounces your internal organs around.  Those organs are kept in place by ligaments, and it is painful when those ligaments over-stretch. The liver is the largest organ in the abdominal cavity situated in the upper right abdomen and is attached to the diaphragm by two ligaments.

Additional possible causes include (Source:
  • dehydration
  • overhydration
  • overeating too soon before running
  • being out of shape
  • erratic breathing patterns
  • lacking strength in core muscles
I drank 86 ounces of water during the day, so I know I wasn't dehydrated, and that amount wasn't too much water.  I ate peanut butter and string cheese before class so I'd be surprised if that caused it.  I'm getting back into shape but, by standard definitions, I'm certainly considered "out of shape" and we DEFINITELY did moves I hadn't done in a while... and I did them with sore muscles.  

Jill explains how to prevent the dreaded side stitch:
  • Drink more water right before a long run or exercise
  • Drink only small sips of water while running or exercising
  • Limit consuming drinks with high amounts of sugar and salt
  • Eat a full meal no fewer than 3-4 hours prior to running or exercising
  • Abdominal stretches before a run or exercise
  • Find a rhythm for breathing (while running). Take three steps for every inhale and two steps for every exhale
  • Avoid shallow breathing and breathe from your diaphragm

So I've learned new information about side stitched (thanks, Jill) and I've determined something for myself.  I cannot worry about what someone thinks of me if I get a side stitch and need to stop for a few minutes.  Chances are they aren't paying attention to what I'm doing anyhow!  I don't want to get myself to the point where I feel like giving up and not working out at all. 

I will NEVER go back to the old me.  I believe my dream WILL come true and I'm determined to make sure that happens. 



  1. My wife continued through half of insanity with a hurt knee and still works out with it hurting. She tries to modify the workouts as best she can to make it through them. She never gave up and still never does and get's her workouts in.

    Keep on moving Chrissy... it is worth it.

  2. That's SO inspiring!!!!! I never want to quit and give up on this dream! Hearing something like this makes me KNOW and BELIEVE I can do it! Thanks so much, Jason!!!

  3. Hi Chrissy,
    Thank you so much for the mention! I hope the information was helpful.

    I think I want I WILL OVERCOME on a t-shirt!

    1. You're very welcome, Jill... and thank you for the info!

      I, too, have thought many times about making a shirt with those very words on it!!! I say we do it!!