Monday, December 3, 2012

Guest Blogger: Haley from Natural, Fit and Frugal

So I'm just THRILLED to share with you a new segment for Overweight... AND OVER IT!  Each month I'll feature a guest blogger to share their story and offer new insight and inspiration to us!

My very first guest blogger is Haley from Australia!  Her blog is called Natural, Fit and Frugal.  Be sure to check our her Facebook page as well!  Now, on to Haley's guest blog post!

Hi there, my name is Haley and I blog over at Natural Fit and Frugal, I am so excited to be sharing today.  I met Chrissy on Facebook and was  inspired by her changes. I feel so blessed that she has chosen me to share today. 

What does it take to? 
  • Decide to change and become a healthier person 
  • To begin living a more active lifestyle 
  • To keep the faith once you decide to make a change 
  • To get through the low times (yes they will happen) 
  • Become a new person inside and outside 
  • To become stronger in every area of your life 
We find it so easy to look around and judge others, especially once we begin to change our lives and realize how much better we feel.  It is easy to forget that we were in their shoes once too. It is easy to think that we are being encouraging when really we may be discouraging. Heck I am sure a large percent of us are all guilty of this kind of thinking, Lord knows I am.  As woman especially, comparing ourselves to others can make us feel better.  But instead of thinking this way we need to be grateful, grateful that we found the support and strength to change, grateful that we found the thing that works for us. And grateful that we found that person in side of us that can embrace our strength.  We also need to be compassionate to those around us that may not have found that yet.  I feel it takes supportive people around us, people that understand that it is not easy for everyone.People that will stand by us, cheer us on at the end of the race and be there to pick us up when we are having bad days.  Someone that will say, hey, you are doing great but you can do better! 

It also takes a person to want to change their lifestyle and until they are ready it is likely not much will change.  Remember the many times you tried to start a new fitness program but failed. The times you started running but stopped after five minutes but didn't try again. The time you lost 5 pounds and then gained 10.  All the times that you thought you were ready but just couldn't push through.  Until you are ready to change and stick with it, even the strongest support in the world can fail.  For me (and for a lot of woman) it started with a picture, a very unflattering, tummy hanging out, arm flapping  (I realized I had my moms arms flags)photo, then a trip to the Doctors where I was told I had high cholesterol at 28. My parents have a history of skin cancer and other health issues and I have an aunt who has battled breast cancer. My best friends mum lost her life to cancer when my friend was too young to lose her mum.  All these things were a catalyst for me to realize I needed to make healthy changes in my life, I needed to eat better, I needed to exercise and I needed to live a natural life. 

Here is one of those very unflattering photos , that is me in the middle, I look like a frumpy  old woman. 

 And after the changes! 

I am blessed that I have a wonderfully supportive husband.  He would support me in whatever I wanted to do.  Once he saw me making small changes he got on the wagon with me.  Having that support helped me to keep changing and growing. Knowing people that ran got me into running and having that support of seeing others go out and run their miles helped me to get out there. I went from someone who never thought they were runner to running several 5k races.  I have since then moved and miss my running friends A LOT and my running has decreased since then, support is so important. 

I have one friend who is big into natural health, reading her posts on Facebook helped me to start reading and discovering there were things I could change to help prevent cancer and other illnesses in my life.

Watching my mother in law and sister in law get fit and strong has helped me to keep pushing. Last time my mother in law was here I had her show me how to use all the weight machines at our apartment gym.  Before that I probably wouldn't have tried because I had no clue how to use those sometime tricky machines. If you know someone that can do something that will help you, ask, having knowledge can help your growth. 

Changes have to begin in you, you have to make the decision to change.  No one can make this decision for you and its likely if someone tries to make it for you , you will fail.  There is another huge key to keep this change in your life progressing and that is SUPPORT.  Support is a monumental key in keeping on track, it can make or break you.  It can help or hurt your progress.  Having just one person that will move alongside you through life changes, one person that will hold your hand will make a huge difference. 

If you are having problems staying course, if you have failed at making healthy choices in your life, look around you. Do you have the right support system, one that will help you succeed? Having support is not just about having fit or healthy people around you, it is about having the right people around you, people that will encourage you and support you in the changes YOU need to make. Someone or a group that will help you up and support you when needed or will push you when you feel like slacking. 

There are so many great places on the web you can find this support, if you need face to face then maybe classes, a wellness coach, a personal instructor or a group. I have found great support lately from other bloggers, those that are making choices in their lives to change and are willing to be open and honest about it.    

Find that person or persons that will help you achieve your goal and rmember that they need support and encouragement, too.  Just like any relationship there need to be give and take!


  1. Awesome work girls! Love hearing your inspiring stories! Keep them coming! x

    1. Thank you SO very much, Aanika!!! I certainly plan to continue!!!

  2. Thanks Aanika, I hope through my blog I am inspiring others to live a healthier life :)