Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get Behind Me, Satan!

I love this verse.  It's become one of many mottos I refer to in my weight loss journey.  The devil is always trying to keep us from doing anything good that would make us feel more fulfilled in life, getting us closer to God and our dreams.  The more we realize this and understand that the devil CAN'T make us do anything we don't want to do, the more successful we can be! 

I borrow Jesus' very own Words when Satan is "all up in my space"!  Satan is so gross.  Sometimes I get really angry with the obstacles he throws my way and the temptations he sets before me.  Usually my anger turns into motivation and I show him he's not the boss of me!  (I let my hater be my motivator!)

I've even created a workout playlist called "Get Behind Me, Satan"!  It's filled with positive, uplifting, encouraging music that keeps me focused on my dream!  It helps me take hold of my dreams and stand firm against the deceiver.  It helps me focus on the path I want to follow and it gets me FIRED UP!  Here are some of the songs:

'Live It Out'  -Abandon
'Eye On It'  - TobyMac
'I'm Alive'  - Peter Furler
'Brand New Day' - KJ-52
'Go'  - Hillsong United
'God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)'  - Newsboys
'Tonight'  - TobyMac featuring John Cooper
'Can't Shut Up'  - Anthem Lights
'Dead Man (Carry Me)'  - Jars of Clay
'Never Going Back To Okay'  - The Afters
'Zombie'  - Family Force 5
'Dum Dum'  - Tedashii
'One Sixteen'  - Trip Lee
'I Am Free'  - Newsboys
'My Brain Says No, But My Heart Says Yes'  - FM Static
'Do The Bill Cosby'  - KJ-52
'Rock What You Got'  - Superchick
'Breakdown'  - Group 1 Crew
'Me Without You'  - TobyMac

Surround yourself with positivity!  Believe you can do this!  Believe God will get you over this mountain and the next!  Tell the devil where to go when he tries to make you stumble!  And let your hater be your motivator!


  1. Love it! You have a new follower! (From Movin' it with Michelle)

    1. YAY!!! That's so exciting! Thanks, Michelle! I'll head your way and check out your blog, too!!!!