Monday, December 10, 2012

"C" For Chrissy!

Having a few days away from the gym has me in a panic.  I haven't actually been there since last Wednesday and it feels like FORRRR-EVVVV-VERRRR!  

Thursday I had praise team practice and didn't get home until 10:00.  Friday morning we woke up at 2 AM to go duck hunting and didn't get home until 4:00.  I had every intention of going to the Zumba Glow party but my husband's truck started having engine problems and we both needed to be somewhere by 6:00.  His commitment was more important so I missed the party and went with him.  Once we got home we couldn't keep our sleep-deprived eyes awake past 8:00!  Saturday... well, I have no excuse whatsoever (and I don't like that at all).  Sunday, my gym bag was packed and I was ready to hit the gym hardcore after church and the Christmas dinner (because The Lord knew I'd need to), but plans changed and I ran non-stop until it was time to go to bed that night.

Now, I will say that I wasn't totally lazy those days.  While duck hunting there were a bunch of calories burned and few consumed.  I walked long distances and carried stuff.   I waded in water up to my hips on four different occasions for about 15 to 20 minutes each in flooded corn with a mud that was hard to pull your feet out of.  IT WAS A WORKOUT!  I squatted a few times when I had to use nature's facility (hee hee) and taking the waders off and on was a task in itself.  I feel good about that day!  And Sunday, I moved a BUNCH.  

This morning I felt awful... a virus?  Something I ate?  I'm not sure but it DIDN'T sit well with me.  I'm feeling better now... and I find myself faced with a choice.  I can:

A.  Feel defeated and give up, believing Satan's lies that I'm never going to be healthy and fit and I don't deserve to see my dream come true.  (YOU GROSS LIAR!)

B.  Put off working out until "tomorrow" (if it ever comes) and just rest tonight, leading me to be tempted to continue putting it off.

C.  Not allow these past few days to overwhelm me, but instead pick myself up and move closer to my dream... AND ROCK MY SOCKS OFF when I overcome!



  1. Sometimes life just gets the best of us but you will get back into it and yes the hunting sounds like exercise to me!

    1. You're so right - life does get the best of us sometimes! Hunting is TOTALLY a workout!! I know I've done well when I'm sore for two days after a good hunt!! :)

  2. December has been a lot of the same for goal has been to make sure I maintain the results we got this year and not slip back into old habits with all the holidays i.e. not ever working out and eating unhealthy.

  3. YES! I feel like I'll be winning if I make it through these holidays without falling out of my good fitness and eating habits... even if they decrease a little - at least I wouldn't have given up and back-tracked!