Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I Do Is Win

One day, a friend of mine who attends Dare to Dream! shared with us that she plays a game with herself when she's feeling "less than stellar".  She makes up reasons to "win".  Like "if I wipe off the counters in a public restroom, I win" or "If I can sing the lyrics to ___ in less than a minute, I win!"  You get the picture.

I love this idea because I like winning!

So to find humor in a difficult situation sounds like "winning", to me.  My difficult situation?  Well yesterday I did weight resistance training for 30 minutes.  If I saw what I'd be doing in a magazine or watched someone else doing it, I'd think it looked so simple and easy.  Heck, I've watched the boy do planks at speed and agility many times and thought it looked so elementary. 

But you should've witnessed me doing ONE PLANK for 20 seconds.  I was shaking, breathing heavy, and wanting to stop.  And doing a wall sit holding a medicine ball in my hands, straight out in front of me, raising it from between my knees to the wall above my head felt ridiculously hard!  By the end of this I felt like puking, passing out, and sleeping it off.  Not only were my muscles tight and tense, I was fighting off embarrassment and insecurity that such a short session was so challenging.

The reality is this was my FIRST TIME doing a session like that!  My muscles are weak and not used to such burning!  I had to start somewhere.  I mean honestly, it took me a month and a half just to go to the 'Functional Training' area of the gym (where I need to be the most).  So in my eyes, getting there was half the battle!  I'm now on my way!

So where's the "winning" in this difficult situation? 
  1. I overcame my initial fear of the 'Functional Training' area.  WIN.
  2. I did everything the trainer asked of me.  WIN.
  3. I went to work, sore and stiff, waddling around like a duck all day.  Humor.  WIN.
  4. I went back tonight for 50 minutes of throwback Zumba, sore and stiff.  WIN.
  5. I refuse to quit and give up because it was uncomfortable.  WIN.
  6. I'm learning how important weight training is in my weight loss journey.  WIN.
  7. I can't make the pain go away completely after a hard workout, I can drink a protein shake, take an Advil, and get over it.  WIN.
  8. When I make a mistake or do something stupid, I can always pick myself up and try again.  WIN.
  9. When Satan tries to make me feel insecure and inferior, I can tell him where to go and trust God to help me move towards my dream.  WIN.
So the way I see it...



  1. I really liked your guest post on natural fit and frugal. I'm a new GFC follower. I usually do weight loss wednesday's on my blog. Esther Norine Designs

    1. Thank you SO much, Esther!!! I'm super excited to have you! How funny that we both do a Wednesday weight loss update!

    2. OH and Esther, what is GFC? I'm blonde, so please forgive me if it's really obvious!!! :)