Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Am I Stuck?

Do you sometimes feel you're doing everything right yet you still aren't losing weight? 

I came across this article from listing 25 Things That Are Keeping You Overweight and found myself in need of an adjustment with a few of these.  Some of them are so simple yet it's easy for us to become unaware that we're holding ourselves back. 

I will say I was proud of myself for how many I'm doing right!  I hope you find yourself there, too!

Here's a quick rundown, but check out the original article for the meaty details!  Some of these may be confusing without reading the description.
  1. You overeat healthy foods
  2. You don't eat breakfast
  3. You don't practice portion control
  4. You eat while standing up
  5. You don't sleep enough
  6. You overindulge in low-fat foods
  7. You don't get enough veggies
  8. You think walking your dog is enough
  9. You don't cut your food
  10. You still drink soda
  11. Your partner isn't on the same healthy road
  12. You're addicted to condiments and toppings
  13. You don't drink water
  14. You don't leave time for fun
  15. You're on a diet.  Well, sort of...
  16. You're always dining out
  17. You don't keep a food journal
  18. You exercise with an empty stomach
  19. You only do cardio
  20. You eat without thinking
  21. You wear clothes that are too big
  22. You don't eat enough
  23. You leave out entire food groups
  24. You never indulge
  25. You eat the wrong post-workout snacks

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