Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 47
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: ?
This week's loss: * I'm not focused on the number right now *
Total weight loss: ?
Last week's dream focus: Continue the going to gym and continue to talking back to those negative, self-critical thoughts! I’m attending a Zumba Glow party Friday night for two hours of dancin’ with glow necklaces on and lights out! The next day I’ll attend a wedding reception with hours of dancing… and I CANNOT WAIT! I expect about 2,500 to 3,000 calories to be burned to the GROUND this weekend!
What went well: I ROCKED the gym again this week! I’ve gone 7 times since my last Wednesday Wow Factor - one day more than last week!  I didn't let the devil keep me from going to Zumba Glow and I had SUCH a blast!  It was so worth it. 
I was able to purchase three new shirts from Maurice's and a new pair of pants in size 16 (I was wearing a 20 when I started this blog).  YAY ME!  That's an exciting victory.  I'm noticing the weight loss in my face and stomach, which is really propelling me to keep going!
Not focusing on the number of pounds I want to lose and instead celebrating the great things I'm doing to get closer to my dream is making a huge difference.  I feel so free.
Oh, and running... I ran 4 minutes today!!  ONE MORE MINUTE THAN LAST TIME!  The 'Gone With The Wind' marathon is on AMC today and I got caught up in all the Southernness while on the treadmill.  I even went longer than I'd programmed and pushed to run as much as I could handle.  Although 4 minutes isn't a lot, it was really good for me.  I'm so proud of that!
Challenges: The wedding reception Saturday didn't help me lose weight as we couldn't get anyone on the dance floor and I didn't want to look like the crazy cousin dancing alone.  So, I didn't burn 2,500 or 3,000 calories to the ground over the weekend, but I burned a lot Friday night and it was so worth it!
Remember the near meltdown while in Forever 21 last week?  Well, I remembered another heart breaker I endured the weekend before I started the gym... over a month ago now.  My husband and I are waterfowl hunters and we're taking a hunting trip to Arkansas with "the boy" in January.  I have hip waders but need chest waders for the trip.  When we went to Cabela's to try them on, I almost bawled... right in the store, right in front of everyone.  I need women's shoe size 7 (to accommodate the extra layers of socks) but getting them over my stomach was beyond embarrassing.  They were skin-tight and really unflattering.  I couldn't wear men's because the boots are way too large and the waders are too tall.  I just felt so embarrassed, gross, overwhelmed, and defeated.  But I told my husband I couldn't let this get me down because I believed I was going to lose enough weight to wear the size sevens.  We just needed to wait at least a month.
Well, that month came and went and my waders arrived today.  THEY FIT and I wasn't embarrassed to wear them!  This was the best picture I could get... I guarantee another one will surface soon during or after a hunt!

This week's dream focus: I won't go wild with Thanksgiving food intake this week, but will slowly enjoy small portions of my favorites!  I plan to go to gym as much as possible, including the special 80's/90's Zumba party next Tuesday!  As always, I plan to continue telling the devil to get behind me and engulf myself with positivity and prayer!

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