Friday, November 2, 2012

I Said NO!

There were two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in our office today.  They were offered to me twice.  

I can resist most any doughnuts, but Krispy Kreme are super difficult because they're my favorite.  It's like eating sweet air. (...I swear I've blogged about this before...)

During a meeting, two of my co-workers walked in with the sweet, yummy doughnuts I drool over.  I had to sit there and watch them enjoy it. Fortunately, the meeting was short.

When I got back to my desk, the guy next to me had one... and it was JELLY-FILLED!  Seriously?  

So the funny thing is this would normally feel like torture to me.  I would've felt it was unfair that THEY could enjoy one but I couldn't (victim mentality).  I'll admit, a tiny part of the old me wanted to say "who cares" and grab one, but the new me was kind of grossed out by the idea of giving in.  My mind processed the situation differently.  It really felt unappealing to envision myself indulging.  I've been too swamped to get to the gym the last two days and it seemed like eating just one Krispy Kreme would set me up for disappointment when I checked my food log this evening.   

If you look at the Krispy Kreme "nutritional value" guide, you'll see that one original glazed doughnut (that takes 38 seconds to consume - and that's going slow) contains 190 calories.  YIKES!  And it's not like they're healthy, nutrient-packed calories.  They'd just make me slow and lethargic as the minutes passed.

The outcome?  I SAID NO!  I didn't eat one!

Today, I saw proof of my dream coming to life as I viewed those Krispy Kremes in this very different way!  While it may seem ridiculously small and insignificant to some, it was a major milestone in my journey.  I'm so proud of myself!!!!


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